#[email protected] Dublin – Languages Competition for schools

“A new language is a new life”  

Let this proverb inspire your creativity !

This competition invited all language fans to showcase their enthusiasm for languages, new adventures and new friends!

The competition is now over! 

Well done to everyone who sent in their submission and CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!

The #Languages Pathways team at TU Dublin were delighted to announce the results of our “A new language is a new life” competition on Monday 8th March @ 11am. First, Second and Third prizes were presented to the winners on the day.

Winning submissions can be seen in our #LanguagesPathways Virtual Hub. Pop in for a visit!

“A new language is a new life” (Persian proverb) : Languages provide a portal to global opportunities, so choose Languages Pathways @TU Dublin, bring your languages to life.

#LanguagesPathways Team


Competition details

What do you have to do?

You can submit a photo with audio or a video (e.g. a song you are working on, or an anime gacha style, or even just your thoughts recorded from your phone). Inspired by the Persian quote ‘A new language is a new life’, tell us how you imagine yourself through your new language!

You can use any, or all, of the languages currently on the website: French, German, Italian, Spanish.

You may use appropriate images, graphics, visuals relating to the target-language culture.


The competition is open to secondary school students.

Entries can be individual, or from teams.

There will be individual winners and group winners for each of the following languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish.

We will consider

Your foreign language use, overall communication skills and personal engagement.

The quality of production, voice and vision.

Your overall content and message conveyed.


Ensure you have a parent/guardian permission to participate.

Submit a digital version of your recording by Monday 22nd February 2021 either via WeTransfer: https://wetransfer.com/  to email:   [email protected]

or upload in our Google Drive and share it with us at [email protected]

Remember to include the name of your school and contact information, your name, the names of team members if you are doing a group submission. Make sure you have permission from all members in your group before sending your application

Shortlisting will take place and Winners will be announced by 1st March 2021

Prizes will be awarded at a special online event on the 8th March 2021.

If you have any enquiries please contact [email protected]


Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd individual entries and 1st, 2nd and 3rd group entries will include vouchers for up to €100 and many spot prizes.

The winning productions will also be added to the languagespathways.ie website in the Let’s share section.

Competition Quiz

Take part in our Monster #LanguagesPathways quiz and be in with a chance to win a prize! All the answers to the quiz questions are at your fingertips, just here, on the LanguagesPathways platform. Have fun while learning about different cultures!

The deadline for submitting your answers is Monday 22nd February 2021.

Just remember that if you are one of the winners of the competition and/or the quiz, we will NEED evidence that you are a secondary school student.