What do the French do when they go out?

Meet up for a house party, go out for a meal, watch a movie, go to a concert or practise their favourite sport.

Short Movies in French

To brush up your language or simply experience a different culture, why not watch a short-movie in French today? French people love going out to the cinema, le 7ème art !

Watch some French movies

A great site to watch some French movies with subtitles, all for free.
– Here is another one !

Virtual reality artworks in French

Discover virtual reality artworks in French with Culture VR. Whether you like cinema, dance, architecture, theatre, documentaries , fantasy, you’ll find it all here. Access is sometimes limited to members of the Alliance française.

Revise French while doing

Ever heard of Big Flo et Ali?

Check their biography…

Check their biography and then test your knowledge with Kahoot

Enjoy singing?

Try this French karaoke playlist