So many things to do and so little time!!

Where can we spend some fun time and learn some Italian at the same time? As you may know, Italians spend a lot of time in their PIAZZA 🙂

About the Italian piazza

Listen to Martina talking about the Italian piazza

Go to the cinema!

If you don’t have easy access to an Italia piazza, try these alternatives:
Go to the cinema!
Here are some links to Italian online cinema:

 It’s Karaoke time!

If you are not an opera fan, maybe you can try and sing yourself 😉

Italian radio stations

You can also listen to many different Italian radio stations here

listen to italian radios

Il pulcino Pio

Have you ever tried dancing Il pulcino Pio? You will never forget the experience!

Or you might want to dance on the Italian streets 🙂

Worst and funny Italian dancers…

Check out some of the worst and funny Italian dancers and try out your worst dance moves with L’italiano balla male (Italians dance terribly) by Fabri Fibra