Language teaching team

Language lecturers at TU Dublin are passionate about their subject and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for languages with TU Dublin learners. All of the TU Dublin language lecturers are highly qualified and are native-speakers or have lived and worked for extended periods of time in the target-language culture.

Languages at TU Dublin

We offer French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, English across a broad range of courses. You can choose to study a language at Beginners level or build on your previous knowledge. You can choose a language as an integral part of your course or as an elective choice. Our main goal is to provide you with an opportunity to engage with language learning at some point throughout your study at TU Dublin, and to enable you maximise on your language skills as you progress towards fluency.

Dynamic Course Design

Our delivery of language courses is informed by the latest teaching and learning approaches. We are versatile and flexible, adapting to changing environments and requirements, so our classes remain relevant, practical and applied. Our course design and content correspond both to your needs, and to the needs identified by The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs, The Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation, Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, The Department of Education & Skills.


All of our language modules are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The framework, designed by The Council of Europe and used globally by language professionals, provides a comprehensive, transparent and coherent frame of reference for language learning, teaching and assessment. This tool recognises the developmental stages of your language learning from “basic user” (levels A1 and A2), through “independent user” (B1 and B2) to “proficient user” (levels C1 and C2).

Study & Work Abroad

Not only can you learn a language with us for recreational and social purposes, we also ensure that you are prepared for study abroad, work placement abroad and future professional employment. We want the very best learning experience for you, so you can follow the pathway you envision for yourself. Whether you are studying Business, Engineering, Science, Humanities, IT, Tourism, our language courses take into consideration your areas of interest, academic, professional, social.

Erasmus+ mobility

Mobility is a key component of your studies at TU Dublin and you have the opportunity to participate in a mobility programme involving study or work-placement abroad. This is an opportunity to improve your foreign language competence and intercultural knowledge, both key elements on your language learning pathway.

Global citizenship

Learning and speaking a language other than your mother tongue enhances your individual experience of connecting with others. As linguists, we cannot imagine life without the richness and variety which language learning brings, and the wealth of experience and connection which speaking a foreign language can bring to the everyday.

Communication & Connection

Learning a foreign language is not just about vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation – it’s fundamentally about communication and connection. An integral part of language learning is also familiarising yourself with the target-language culture, developing an appreciation for literature, film, theatre, art, politics, history and contemporary society. Language learning is an all-encompassing experience with so many benefits extending beyond language.

Benefits of Language Learning

Did you know that language learning is associated with improved problem-solving skills, memory function, creative thinking? All of these transferable skills / graduate attributes contribute towards your academic, professional and self-development as you progress along your language learning pathway.

Languages Connect

Languages Connect, Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education 2017 – 2026 was published in 2017, reminds us that “Learning a foreign language is no longer a luxury for some but a necessity for most. It is an international key which upon turning will open many doors and opportunities for those that embrace and enjoy the challenge.” P. 40. We invite you to join us on the rewarding pathway of learning a foreign language at TU Dublin.