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Spain has become the second most visited country in the world after many years among the top five favourite destinations. Its many beautiful beaches have played a big part in this.

Spanish coast

Discover the variety of places along the coast you can visit

However, there is much more to Spain that the sun and its almost 8,000 kilometres of coast and you might find that there are other aspects of Spain that might interest you.

Spanish heritage

Spain is a country full of heritage, from ancient Roman, Arabic, Paleo Christian and Medieval buildings, to modern and futuristic architecture; not to mention its many museums.

Cities in Spain

Visiting a Spanish city is so much more than touring its monuments and museums. It is about taking a walk through streets full of atmosphere with many leisure options


You can learn more about the diversity of nature in Spain

Food & Wine tourism

You can learn more about Spanish cuisine and wine here

Route by route

A different way to get to know Spain is through its themed routes

Sport & Adventure!

Get to know Spain through sport!


Exhibitions, festivals, sporting contests…Find out about all the important events taking place in Spain

The real Spain

Whatever your reasons to visit Spain are, you can inform yourself about the Spaniards, the country and its culture at this website

Cervantes Institute

Instituto Cervantes is an institution that was founded by the Spanish government in 1991 to promote and spread the Spanish language and Spanish and Hispanic-American culture. Visit the website of their Dublin antenna